Attempting to Conquer the Jamstack

Andrew Weisbeck
2 min readJun 16, 2022 — Official home of the Jamstack.

Ever since I discovered the [Jamstack](, I have been intrigued by the sheer number of ways and the efficiency in which developers can now build websites. Every time I think that I’ve seen it all too, something else is introduced into the ecosystem that makes me say, “Well would you look at that!”. I think the diversity an sheer number of individuals who truly care about making this a thriving community is what makes the Jamstack so amazing, but there are also (as of 6/16/22) 333 static site generators, 91 headless content management systems, and endless amount of APIs to test out.

I want to try all of them out and document them for the world to see my accomplishment…

Ok, I know that sounds really bonkers — but is it? I am definitely going to try. I already kind of planned on doing this on my Hashnode blog, [GeauxCodes( and am going to go ahed and start my attempt.

Truth is, I’ve used a good number of these already and it is just so much fun each time I get that first page to render itself in the browser. This will take forever though — and a lot of patience and other stuff…

I’ll try not to only write about creating websites because I think I would miss a lot of good opportunities to share my experiences with others if I just talked about SSGs. It’ll be a fun little experiment to include with my writing career.

Maybe I am crazy, I dunno but I do hope a few of you join me on my crazy journey to SSG and CMS land. Until next time my friends!

Andrew Weisbeck

Full-stack developer who LOVES making Jamstack websites. I just love everything about web dev really. Engaged and father to two kit-cats, and one special doggy.