Deno 1.27 — Improvements, Changes, and Upgrades

Andrew Weisbeck
3 min readNov 5, 2022

There’s lots to love (like usual) with the latest release of Deno, the super slick Typescript, JavaScript, and Web Assembly runtime!

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If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know this — I’m obsessed with Deno. So naturally I am going to write about it every chance I get. I’m a few days behind the release, but I was busy with the Hackmamba Jamstack Hackathon this week (content coming on that as well). So without further delay, let’s get to the latest release of Deno!

Deno 1.27 — Better than 1.26.2….

I’ll just start by going down the list:

  • Language Server and Integrated Development Experience improvements

So the first big one here is actually what got me super excited to write about this release — Deno exposes the inlay hints functionality that TypeScript added in version 4.4. I absolutely love the inlay hints as I have been using them for a while now with JetBrains products and they are now available in VS Code as well!

There were also improvements to registry completions in Deno (always fantastic) and several bugs were fixed, as usual.

  • Improvements to npm compatibility

This is also big as it helps extend out Deno so much more considering there are so many npm packages and not as many in Deno. There is now TypeScript type checking on those npm packages. Deno also now supports the Node-API when used in npm packages — this is big because you can now use parcel, sqlite3, usb or fs-attr.

Last and certainly not least, you can now cache npm specifiers directly from the command line like so:

deno cache --unstable npm:chalk@5 npm:express

  • Deno adds the navigator.language Web API

navigator.language is a read-only property that returns the representing user’s system preferred language:

$ deno
> navigator.language
  • deno task is no longer unstable and other improvements

This is big time news as deno task is a pretty important command to run for web devs — it’s kind of like npm run. This is being implemented with the INIT_CWD environment variable. This works across all platforms as…



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