The Top 10 Web Developer Courses That Will Make You Rich in 2023

Andrew Weisbeck
8 min readDec 24, 2022

But make sure that you actually do them or you won’t get rich at all

Programming with the top 10 courses
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There is no better developer than a self-taught developer — we’re tough, scrappy, and we eat data structures and algorithms for breakfast. I can tell you that you will never regret being self-taught, especially when your awake for the third night in a row at 3 am, trying to figure out why the course editor won’t $*&#&*# take your answer that your 100% sure is right. Why pay big bucks for a boot camp when you can get a valuable debugging experience like that?

Well if you decide that a boot camp is not for you or you don’t have 6 months to a year to sit and code all day with an instructor like most people, then I have just the list for you. I have curated my top ten courses that will help you learn to program so you can become rich in 2023!

Now I can’t guarantee you’ll become rich or complete the courses because you have to do that yourself, but I promise that these courses will get you on the right track to becoming a full-stack software developer. There is a good variety on this list to at least get you started with learning the basics of programming. You’ll find more resources and what works best for you along your journey, but I think these 10 are awesome starting points for anyone. Let’s go ahead and dive into this list.

Enjoy y’all!

1. Dr. Angela Yu — The Complete Web Development Bootcamp 2023

This is the perfect boot camp alternative if your new to web development. Dr. Angela Yu really does a wonderful job of making it all make sense to the newcomer. She also has a great sense of humor — one of the web pages you build is “Tindog”, or Tinder for dogs — how awesome is that? I mean, my dog is still single but it’s a cool project!

I am really glad I took this one as my first full trip through full-stack web development. The pace of the course is just right, the projects are interesting and won’t make you want to give up. Angela is awesome as a teacher as well — she has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously, something I appreciate. There’s a reason more than 843,000 students have enrolled in this course alone.



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